Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This Is Called Procrastinating

I've been pumping out articles, spewing trash all over the internet for $3.30/article, as fast as I can all day. It's kinda of ... getting ... boring. 

So I thought I'd blog for a while. Maybe I should have showered. I think I won't make my goal of making $100 before time for Taekwondo today (sad face). 

Also, since my children arrived back from school, my focus seems to have waned. Canon keeps saying "Amazom-bonee" over and over. Crichton keeps asking about financial information so he can figure out how many Ethiopians we could feed with 1% of our income. 

It's a little distracting.

I just sent him down to fetch me another caffeine pill.

Sagan blew a whistle at me and said, "GET WORKING!" 

Crichton tells me I can get high from licking money ... I don't think it's worth it. Also, perhaps I should better monitor his internet usage ... and maybe drug testing?

I do not find this to be an ideal work environment. 

My neighbor's maids are cleaning her house ... jealous. 

Ok. Sagan just yelled "GET TO WORK!" again. So I will. Probably.

1 comment:

  1. pbbt. sounds like my house, only no yells to 'get to work'. . . what with the laundry and cleaning up and stuff, the kids don't recognize the work in the least. . . ho hum.